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On the Italian Review Trasporti 2017, there is an article on our Company where you can find our history and our philosophy.
The text was also translated in Russian language because the review has beeing introduced in the Metalloobrabotka Trade Show in Moscow, 15-19 May 2017.

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Thirteen ways to kill a good idea

Some objection collected in the years against introducing a new metal cutting  special tool in the manufacturing process.

 If you do, as you always done, you will only get the same results you always got.

  1. “we have always done well without.”
  2. “it costs too much.”
  3. “we don’t have time.”
  4. “we have never done before.”
  5. “we have already tried it seems to me.”
  6. “here it won’t work.”
  7. “I never heard that someone has done so.”
  8. “it’s just like we have always done, it seems to me.”
  9. “the management doesn’t approve.”
  10. “the workers won’t agree.”
  11. “isn’t nor my task to propose changes.”
  12. “why change? everything is going pretty well.”
  13. “it might work, and then we should change!”

How we can  answer? With facts.

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Good 2017!

According to the chinese horoscope shortly we enter into the year of the rooster.
The sign is characterized by the hard work that it does.
We are ready, we are used to.

Happy new year and good job everyone!

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