Special facing

Special boring bar to dedicated geometry

This special boring bar allows for otherwise impossible machining (radial bending beyond the hole), to ensure precision of concentricity and repeatability of the machined diameters.
It is a dedicated tool but also adaptable to similar machining.

Why the project

The need to solve functional problems, or weight, or design, forces automotive engineers to design elements with very complex shapes.

Who needs to realize these details also needs to solve non-indifferent processing problems, in relation to delivery times, high quality standards, and last but not least to achieving the best possible combination of production factors to reduce production costs.

Our client, having to turn a very special shape quarry, was unable to use standard tools. With the construction of the boring bar shown in the photo, designed according to the geometry of the quarry and the machines at its disposal, has solved the machining problem by obtaining results in line with what was expected.

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