Sculpturation of surfaces

Special tools in PCD with profile on request


Can the  high cutting length  avoid the stops of the machine tool to replace tools in a complex machining that requires a perfect quality of surfaces? Yes, if it is a special developed PCD tool.

Polycarbonate delamination is a problem that many manufacturers of Design objects in this material know very well.

Polycarbonate processing also poses another problem: the sharp wear of the sharp metal of the normal hard metal tools that are mostly used in this process.

The solution engineered by C.R.M. Mazzoccato for this customer was to use a special cut-to-measure polycrystalline diamond cutting edge: the 180x controlled tool profile, perfect in its straightness, has been able to perform all the workings on the workpiece, so it was only produced in one setting of the machine tool .

Additional results were a significant reduction in costs and a better surface quality on the finished product. This sharpened polycrystalline diamond allows the machining of very delicate design objects, the solution to surface machining problems, avoids the costly and potentially dangerous repetition of machined pieces and to work in a single grip.

Special tools like this help increase the Customers competitiveness by increasing the final customer’s satisfaction. They can be tailor-made to meet specific needs.

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