Perfect machining control with “greentelligence”

Tool with minimal lubrication

Too chips are a big problem. And if the chips are too much and too long, that’s worst.

They forming often a tangled skein, that has to be systematically removed from the tool machine:  spending time in cleaning instead manufacturing.

This tool solves that problem,  enabling a better chip management, that  moves easily towards  the compactor near the tool machine. Avoiding the collision of the chips to the worked surface too.

Not only the dead time, dedicated to the cleaning, decreases. Using the minimal lubrication, set in the right way, so does also the amount of coolants used and of the water also: thus less environmental impact.

This tool was developed in green vision. Someone call it greentelligence.

The manufacturing industry in the future will have to face major challenges in the evolving demand, the high energy costs, and the increasing scarcity of resources, which causing  increases in commodity prices. Only efficient and effective processes, ecological materials and sustainable products, will ensure competitiveness in international markets. And improve the 4.0 Industry, the industry of the Future.

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