Light alloy machining

Special Kombi‐Tool

In order to reduce production times, but above all the production costs, it is possible to move the complexity from machining to the tool used. In this way, the dead times deriving from the previous set-ups needed for each single operation are eliminated by concentrating more machining on the special tool developed and produced by C.R.M. Mazzoccato.

The spindle represented in this photograph, developed for a lightweight alloy component manufacturer from CRM Mazzoccato, has in fact made a single placement of multiple operations:

  • hole
  • countersink
  • counterbore

Restoring the cutting insert that perform the lamination is a fast and easy operation.

Perform normal or fine pitch threads, so different, you can simply substitute the tip used with the desired one.

A spindle that produces light alloy components, performs hole, flattening and lamination in a single operation.

It is fast in restoring the cutting edge (inserts) and performs normal or fine pitch threads by simply replacing the tip used.
It also reduces production times by eliminating setups.

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