High precision machining

Special profiled polycristalline diamond


Even the most difficult materials such as graphite, glass fiber reinforced plastics (PTFE), high-risk delamination polycarbonate, and many others, can be worked advantageously using diamond polycrystalline inserts (PCD) sharped according to the most modern production techniques with LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

As shown by this enlargement, realized in our metrological room, the dedicated inserts are of the highest precision and are perfectly executed in tolerances unthinkable with traditional processing.

New applications and executions, the most varied due to the extreme versatility of technology, are required every day with the extreme satisfaction of our Customers.

The highlight in the 250 x enlargement shows a perfect radial cut of a CRM insert in polycrystalline diamond.

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