Deep turning

Special Tool

Such bars are used in deep turning, however, with this parametric solution every customer needs can be met because:

  • Change input and output angles (0 ° to 150 ° and 30 to 180 °)
  • Offer customized lengths and attachments as required
  • Adopt inserts with profiles or rays according to specific requirements  (sloping grooves, diving, in difficult positions for standard tools…)

The advantages are many: perfect coaxiality, performing complex contours in one pass and of course the reduction of production times, eliminating the necessary setups when using “almost” the right tool, rather than a really different tool, conceived for that machining. That makes the difference.

This kind of parametric solution can be adopted for many different tools of our production: as we are the developer, in a very short time we can adapt the tooling solution to your needs. It’s easy and simple. And the answer for your inquiry very quick.

Just try.

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