Some successful Case Histories of special, bespoke tooling made in C.R.M. di Mazzoccato Arturo & Figli s.r.l.

Rif. 600
Light alloy rims machining
Rif. 540
Boring and turning on gaskets
Rif. 538
Rif. 536
Invisible microthreads
Rif. 534
Machining of another complex contours in the railway industry
Rif. 532
Longer tool life together with productivity increase
Rif. 530
Wear resistence
Rif. 528
Longer equipment’s operating life
Rif. 526
Roughing spherical profile in only one operation
Rif. 524
Recess turning
Rif. 522
Light alloy machining
Rif. 520
Tube processing
Rif. 518
Automatic Lathes
Rif. 516
Mirror finishing of aluminium rims
Rif. 514
Increasing productivity in a Faucet Manufacture
Rif. 512
Turning complex components
Rif. 510
Cutting and deburring of pipes
Rif. 508
Composite Materials Machining
Rif. 506
Machining welded pipes
Rif. 504
Special bespoke profiled inserts
Rif. 502
Machining of components in motorcycle industry
Rif. 500
Drilling special hydraulics parts
Rif. 550
Perfect machining control: ``greentelligence``
Rif. 541
Conical bores in graphite
Rif. 539
Shaping tender carbide
Rif. 537
Sculpturation of surfaces
Rif. 535
High precision machining
Rif. 533
Small size parts machining
Rif. 531
Machining of complex contours in the railway industry
Rif. 529
Longer tool life
Rif. 527
Perfect concentricity between the performed bores
Rif. 525
Rif. 523
Milling, drilling and more
Rif. 521
Brass machining
Rif. 519
Special facing
Rif. 517
Grinding mills in food industry
Rif. 515
No Vibration Tools
Rif. 513
Deep turning
Rif. 511
High productivity in Automotive mass production
Rif. 509
Pumps machining
Rif. 507
Spherical joints machining
Rif. 505
Heavy cutting
Rif. 503
Special, bespoke, profiled inserts
Rif. 501
Machining of non-ferrous material
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