Production problems?

solve with our bespoke, special developed, chip removal machining tools

We design and produce special chip removal machining tools, suitable for different needs, generated from materials, machines, constraints, lead time, costs per part.
For the mechanical industry of precision, everywhere.
ISO 9001 Certification - DNV-GL
since 2003
Competitive prices
Design, production and direct sale: this mean competitive prices.
The right tool, at the right place, at the right time. We'll be on your side.
Resharpening, modular systems development, special machining

Special Tool

this unknown...

Will it work?

“Everyone say that a thing is impossible, until someone that doesn’t know it, he comes and invent it.”

(Albert Einstein)
Price? Delivery?

“You can have your new car any color you want, as long as it is black.”

(Henry Ford)
Why change?

“If you always do the same, you always get what you got.”

(Abramo Lincoln)

Myths to dispel

We can prove it with facts.

Competitive advantage

As we shall project and manufacture it exactly how you need,yes, it doesn’t exist till that moment. Also for your competitor. But it will became your competitive advantage.

Flexible and innovative

Our products are created on customers’ requirements only, they aren’t all black. You can choose all the details. So, price and delivery time will be agree together from the start: we are your partner to increase productivity.

Worthwhile and productive

Please consider this simple formula: [(reduction of the time for the production x price for piece x hour’s cost) – cost for special tool] = COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

Toolholders, carbide special inserts, special cartridges, special milling heads, PCD and PCBN special tips, boring bars, stepborer and much more.
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for your needs

Send information about your problematic machining, send us a sketch of your idea and tell us about the difficulties that you are facing: we will assist you.

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